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The Oslofjord’s mouth, on Norway’s southern coast, is where the capital city of Oslo is situated. The parks and museums there are well-known. The Bygdy Peninsula is home to many of these, including the Viking Ship Museum and the Norwegian Maritime Museum, both of which house 9th century Viking ships. A ski jumping hill with breathtaking views of the fjord is called Holmenkollbakken. A ski museum is also present there.

Weed Smoking tolerance level [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 4

Cannabis Laws in Oslo

In Norway, it is against the law to own or use any hash or marijuana. Oslo is one of Norway’s more marijuana-friendly cities, despite the fact that it is possible to be detained for marijuana possession there. The only time the police will search you is if you are smoking in their presence. They don’t care about customers. Until you blast smoke in their faces or smoke in front of their windows, people won’t spill the beans.
People who use drugs frequently are found in Norway. Unless you’re under 15 and it’s obvious, police won’t bother stopping you because they don’t want to catch everyone.

Where to get cannabis in Oslo

The city center is the most convenient location to purchase hash; the subway will take you there. The stop is called “Grnland” (read: Gronland is fine). In this area of the city’s center, drug dealers from all over the place congregate by the river.Prior to the police raid, the majority of the hashish sold along the river was rubber, wood, or worse, re-alduterated soapbar (yep, they grind up the soapbar and add even more stuff). Prior to this, excellent hash was always accessible close to the river due to a dense population of pushers and the resulting fierce competition.

how to get weed/marijuana in Oslo-Norway. Where to buy/get cannabis in Oslo-Norway. 


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