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Québec City is situated on the Saint Lawrence River in Canada’s Québec province, which is primarily a French-speaking region. With its stone structures and winding lanes, Vieux-Québec and Place Royale, the city’s fortified colonial heart, date to 1608. The imposing Château Frontenac Hotel and the majestic Citadelle of Québec are situated in this area. In the Petit Champlain neighborhood, shops and bistros line the cobblestone streets.

Is Weed Legal in Quebec?

The legalization of marijuana in Quebec was altered in October 2018. When it was time for Quebec to approve its version of cannabis legalization, the opposition Parti Quebecois wanted stricter controls and voted against the proposal.
Despite the differences, Premier Phillipe Couillard of the Quebec Liberal Party signed Bill 157 into law in June 2018. This law amended the laws governing highway safety and established the Cannabis Regulation Act. Additionally, the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) was established to control sales and distribution.
While supporters of the drug criticized some of the more onerous restrictions, like the ban on home cultivation and the small number of government-owned storefronts where cannabis will first be sold, they did not object to some of the less onerous restrictions.

Where to get Cannabis in Quebec

Once recreational cannabis is legal in Quebec, only retailers and the open SQDC website will be available for consumers to make purchases. The Quebec provincial government will oversee, run, and disperse all cannabis that is permitted in the province. The SQDC intends to launch 20 locations by October 17, 2018, with a potential growth to 100 or more locations over the following three years. The SDQC additionally declared that it would have a functional online shopping platform by the time the new regulations go into effect.

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