Where to Buy Cannabis in Antwerp

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Where to Buy Cannabis in Antwerp: Smoking weed tolerance level [1: very illegal 5:virtually legal]= 4


No amount of cannabis is legal to own in Belgium, but adults are allowed to keep up to 3g of it for personal use. It’s also thought that one female plant can be accepted. The police will record the owner’s name, but no charges will be brought by the government of Belgium. We’ve been informed that a new law permitting the use of cannabis for medical purposes has resulted in police becoming less strict with regards to small amounts of non-medical cannabis possession. Cannabis or its seeds cannot be purchased or imported, claims FA.

The following is a translation of a Belgian law that states that users of marijuana who possess up to 3 grams of cannabis will not have their possessions taken from them.

Another reporter said, “You can have up to 5 grams with you without worrying about the cops, but because the law is so hazy, they sometimes seize even little amounts.

Smoking and doing drugs in public is against the law.

Cannabis Laws in Antwerp

Although smoking marijuana is illegal in Belgium, police will only take it from you if you have less than 3 to 5 grams, as is the case throughout much of Europe. If you slice it up, you might also be regarded as a dealer. The police officer in front of you determines it, just as they do everywhere else.

Another reporter remarked, “I smell and see people smoking pot every time I come into Antwerp. As long as it’s not excessive or too close to schools, most police officers are tolerant of smoking, but dealing in public or causing a disturbance will get you arrested.

Where to Buy cannabis in Antwerp

Wondering how to buy cannabis in Antwerp? One of the town’s main squares, Groenplats, is a fantastic location to explore. Some people who appeared to be hippies helped me when I approached them. The real trick, surprisingly, is to know who to look for and present yourself as a fellow smoker wherever you are.

Another reporter said, “I think most young people will help you get decent quality cannabis (I’ve got my own resources)” You won’t likely need anyone else’s help finding it because it is so commonplace.


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