Where to Buy Cannabis in Buenos Aires

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Where to Buy Cannabis in Buenos Aires. Argentina’s significant worldwide capital is Buenos Aires. The city’s primary plaza, Plaza de Mayo, is flanked by sumptuous late-nineteenth-century monuments, including the Casa , a well-known presidential residence with balconies. The Teatro Colón, a large opera house erected in 1908 with around 2,500 seats, and the new MALBA museum, which highlights Latin American art, are among important attractions. Continue reading for more information on how to get cannabis in Buenos Aires or Argentina.

Cannabis Legislation in Buenos Aires

Even though tiny amounts of cannabis are now legal, it is still illegal to sell, grow, or transport the substance. CBD oil, a type of therapeutic marijuana, is also allowed. Everything under five grams appears to be legal and will not find you in hot water. Possession is not illegal; in fact, in 2009, an Argentine court determined that holding a little amount of marijuana was a fundamental right.

The time of year has a significant impact on whether marijuana bans are enforced. Because the city is largely deserted in the winter, the number of police officers on duty is drastically reduced. More police officers should be on the streets when the first summer visitors arrive.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Buenos Aires

Wondering Where to Buy Cannabis in Buenos Aires? Cannabis will be sold to a significant number of people at several beaches, parks, and live music events. Be comfortable approaching strangers because most people are friendly to travelers. Even if you don’t have any, asking someone who does will most likely point you in the correct way. When in doubt, always go with your gut instinct. Cannabis is highly popular among young people in Argentina, so you should have no trouble getting some if you seek around.

how to buy/get cannabis in Buenos Aires/Argentina Where to buy marijuana in Buenos Aires


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