Where to Buy Cannabis in Minsk, Belarus

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Weed tolerance level (1: very illegal 5:virtually legal)= 1


Like the majority of other hallucinogenic substances, marijuana is totally forbidden in Belarus. Under the previous regulation, which distinguished between possession and distribution, people with small amounts could get away with a fine or a suspended sentence. Possession of any amount of marijuana now carries penalties that range from large fines to 8–10 years in prison, depending on your circumstances and the temperament of the law enforcement officers. Tourists may find it simpler to bribe their way out, but it will still be difficult, so it is not advisable to try your luck.

Cannabis Laws in Belarus

In comparison to nearby nations like Russia, Ukraine, or the Baltic republics, where tourists are abundant, authorities are more understanding of such behavior, and bribes are more common, it is not always easy to get out of trouble. In Minsk, it’s not uncommon for police to use their elbows to smash car windows when they see people smoking inside. Some people assert that undercover officers detain suspects after offering them drugs, but this is highly unusual. Expect a law enforcement officer to take you seriously if you are apprehended. Bribing low-level officials is challenging because anti-corruption regulations are stringent. The law is more accommodating for you if you have connections in influential positions.

Where to get Marijuana in Minsk

Street purchases of marijuana are extremely infrequent, even for local users. It is extremely uncommon and will continue to be extremely rare to purchase drugs on the streets of Belarus. There is no street trading in Minsk because there are few tourists and strict regulations. Drug sales in bars haven’t received much attention either.

One of the well-known locations is Zimniaya Street in the industrial suburbs of Minsk, a terrifying area full of dilapidated homes populated by menacing-looking gypsies and lurking gangs fueled by low-cost beer. However, if you want to see the darker aspects of Belarusian drug culture, find a brave local who will take you there. Gypsies are primarily involved in heroin trafficking. Marijuana can be purchased, but few locals do.


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