Get Weed in Eilat, Isreal

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how to get/buy weed/cannabis in Eilat. Where to buy/get marijuana in Eilat-Isreal.

Eilat is a seaside port city in southern Israel, close to Jordan, on the Red Sea coast. Its beaches are renowned for having calm waters, like those at Dolphin Reef, where aquatic mammals are frequently seen. The Coral Beach Natural Reserve offers underwater pathways punctuated by floating balises among the fishy reefs, making it ideal for tuba and submarine diving. Unsubmerged and glass-enclosed observation center is part of the larger marine park of the Eilat underwater observatory.

Weed Smoking tolerance level [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 4

Cannabis Laws in Eilat

Marijuana use and possession are illegal in Israel. On any of my numerous trips to Eilat, I have never experienced any bother from a police officer. The one piece of advice I consistently receive is to proceed with extreme caution when requesting marijuana or hash because undercover agents can easily pass for regular people.

Where to buy weed in Eilat

Cannabis will be very difficult to find in Eilat, but it is possible. Though quite accessible, hash is. This is the southernmost city in Israel, so you might find a lot of excellent imported Egyptian hash there.

When I’ve been searching for hash in Eilat, I’ve always found success by approaching people near the beach close to the sizable shopping center next to the boardwalk. Sit on a bench along the beach that is close to the shopping center; that will be your best bet.

how to get/buy weed/cannabis in Eilat. Where to buy/get marijuana in Eilat-Isreal.


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