Where to Buy Cannabis in Sao Paulo

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Where to Buy Cannabis in Sao Paulo

Where to Buy Cannabis in Sao Paulo. So Paulo, one of the world’s most populous cities, is home to several cultural organizations and has a significant architectural history. It is also Brazil’s financial and business center. His most famous works include his Neogothic church, the Art Deco Predio Martinelli from 1929, and the Oscar Niemeyer-designed Edificio Copan. The colonial-style Pátio do Colégio marks the site where the town was founded by Jewish priests in 1554.

Weed Legislation

Marijuana is prohibited in Brazil, however it is authorized for personal use. If you are caught carrying, selling, growing, or otherwise dealing with marijuana, you face harsh penalties as well as a lengthy prison sentence. Private ownership and use are no longer subject to criminal sanctions. As a result, carrying modest amounts of marijuana in Brazil is not a punishable infraction. If you are discovered with even a tiny amount of marijuana for personal use, you could face fines or community service.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Sao Paolo

Wondering Where to Buy Cannabis in Sao Paulo? Consider stopping by tourist sites or hostels if you’re seeking for nice marijuana. You might meet a smoker or someone who can connect you with one. Checking favelas is a riskier and more unconventional method. You can buy nearly anything in a favela, but there is a good chance you may be robbed or imprisoned by the police. It’s a poor idea, but many tourists do it without incident every day.

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